What Undergraduate Degree Should I Choose?

Distance learning is becoming more popular as students are realizing how flexible these online programs can be. At one time, your options were rather limited, but today, there are hundreds of degree programs, many of which are accredited, to legitimize your education. The growing demand for these programs means that more and more degrees are being offered in a virtual setting, making it more common and much easier to continue our education without having to give up your career or jeopardize time with your family. This is allowing more working adults and parents to study online toward their degree. What are the best online undergraduate degree programs?

According to america.gov, some of the most popular majors for students in online programs include:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Public Health

These are not by far your only options; these are just some of the more common. The online undergraduate degree you pursue should be a program about which you feel passionate. Luckily, due to the increase in popularity, more and more degree options are becoming more available. Many well-known campus colleges offer online degree programs as well, so this gives students more flexibility if some of their classes may not be offered online. Another option in this case would be to do some sort of combination of online and on-campus courses, if your schedule allows. Here are some of the fastest-growing options:

  • Business: Business is a popular degree area online because many people are choosing to go back to school for their MBA after working in a job for a number of years. With online learning, you can take classes at your own pace and at times that are convenient for you, so you can still continue to work at the office full time. Along with MBA programs, there are degrees for undergraduates in this area, including business communications, accounting, information technology, global business management, and e-business. Even if you already have one bachelor’s degree, adding another to your resume can help qualify you for higher-paying jobs in a global arena.
  • Engineering: Engineering covers a broad range of fields including Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Industrial, Nuclear, and Oil and Gas Engineering – just to name a few. Several of these fields only require an assiciate or bachelor’s degree for entry level positions and offer annual median salaries that are higher than the national average of all occupations (BLS.gov).
  • Legal: Online schools have been pushing criminal justice degrees for many years, and this still remains one of the most popular options for students. If you’re interested in law, though, there are other undergraduate degree programs as well. Check out degrees in security, computer security, computer management, or legal administration. You can even go on to get your Juris Doctorate online.
  • Health: Many of today’s nurses got their degree online. Along with nursing, medical-related programs in medical transcription, health care management, psychology, health administration, and medical assisting are growing in popularity. With the shortages in health care workers across the country, getting a degree online quickly is attractive to people looking for a career change. In addition, many hospitals will pay for your education if you agree to accept their job offer when you graduate. Some even offer tuition reimbursement programs if you are currently working in the medical field and want to continue your education. This may be done in exchange for a certain number of years of employment with that company.

Other degree programs rising in popularity online include interior decorating, construction management, hospitality and restaurant management, and visual communications. At one time, having a degree from an online institution didn’t carry much weight on a resume, but today, employers are beginning to realize that most programs give students a quality education, as long as they are properly accredited. Choose a degree program from an accredited school, and you’ll find that you’re just as qualified as anyone who graduates from a traditional college.

Undergraduate Schools

Earning an undergraduate degree, either an associate's or a bachelor's, from an accredited college or university may open many doors to new opportunities. The following schools offer undergrad degree programs across a wide array of subjects, including business, education, healthcare, art, and more.

Ashford University — "There are many reasons to pursue your undergraduate degree online at Ashford compared to traditional colleges: schedule flexibility, a diverse selection of degree programs, accelerated course options, and more. When you pursue a bachelor’s degree in an online learning format, you can enjoy convenient scheduling and fast-paced learning opportunities."

Colorado Technical University — "A traditional education may be right for some people. But for those who want to take control of their education, there’s Colorado Technical University. Our online undergraduate programs let you work toward an associate or bachelor’s degree without sacrificing your work-life balance. You can get the degree you need to realize your dreams without disrupting your personal life."

Liberty University — "An online bachelors degree program is a four-year college degree that will open the door to new career opportunities and is required before earning a masters or doctoral degree. At Liberty, you’ll benefit from over 30 years of growing, adapting, and innovating for the distance learner and more than a decade of researching the needs of the online student. You can be confident that we’ve taken the time to learn what’s important to you."

Saint Leo University — "At Saint Leo University, we’ve geared our online programs to the unique needs of adult learners. Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare you for high-demand careers in the 21st century job market - including business, accounting, criminal justice, and health care management.""

American Intercontinental University — "At AIU, we are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals, therefore we offer Undergraduate programs in fields like Business, IT, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, and Accounting. Our Undergraduate programs are designed to be flexible so they fit around a busy schedule allowing you to balance work, family and education."

Purdue University — "At Purdue University Global, you choose the learning method that works best for you. Our advisors will work with you to determine the fastest, most affordable path to your degree. You can learn online from anywhere in the world, or visit one of our regional locations to take advantage of local, onsite support and services."

Walden UniversityBachelor's, Master's, and PhD Degrees. Offering accredited online degree programs in criminal justice, science, business, health, nursing, and more, Walden University is an ideal candidate for any working professional looking to advance his/her career to the next level.

Southern new Hampshire University — "At Southern New Hampshire University, you’ve got academic options. Sure, you can dig into a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree here, but you’ll also find that we offer more. From three-year bachelor’s programs and honors programs to combination undergrad/grad and even special transfer programs, we’ve got an option for just about every student."

Rasmussen College — "Rasmussen College programs adhere to high standards of education as a regionally accredited institution. Through additional programmatic accreditations and affiliations with leading companies, we ensure our students receive quality education and experience trusted by leading employers."

Grand Canyon University — "At Grand Canyon University, we strive to accommodate our growing online and evening student communities. We have tens of thousands of online students attending class from across the globe. In turn, we are constantly refining our digital platforms to deliver GCU’s outstanding campus experience to virtual settings."

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