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Science and technology is the group of undergraduate degrees that focus on the study of science and technology, which examine how social, cultural, and political actions affect scientific research and innovation. This field is concerned with the relationship between scientific and technological events and their interaction with society. Undergraduate degrees may be found in science studies, a type of sociology that explores science’s role in the social realm; history of science, which is concerned with documenting scientific advances and connect science with philosophy; history of technology, which unlocks the story of how technology changes our lives; and science, technology, and society, which tries to integrate the entire subject.

Degree Description

Undergraduate programs of this kind began to emerge onto the university campus in the 1970’s and 1980’s when universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe tied science and technology together into innovative interdisciplinary programs. These programs provide graduates with a career pathway for technicians and professionals preparing for leadership positions, common core of advanced technical and management courses, individualized study plans, and business emphasis. Graduates are able to develop, demonstrate, and evaluate policies and processes to ensure a safe workplace, integrate knowledge gained in the program into professional goals and objectives, design, schedule, manage, and assess technical projects, and achieve professional and management competencies for work in technical fields.

Math, Science & Engineering Degree Programs

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Undergraduate Schools

Earning an undergraduate degree, either an associate's or a bachelor's, from an accredited college or university may open many doors to new opportunities. The following schools offer undergrad degree programs across a wide array of subjects, including business, education, healthcare, art, and more.

Colorado Technical UniversityAssociate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Degrees. At Colorado Technical University, students receive a personal commitment to learn advanced topics in technology and engineering during their focused undergraduate and advanced degree programs. Graduates are able to achieve success in a variety of technology industries.

Liberty UniversityAssociate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Degrees. Established by the late Reverend Jerry Falwel in 1971 as Lynchburg Christian Academy, Liberty University is the leading undergraduate evangelical Christian university in the United States. It's motto: "Training Champions for Christ."

Saint Leo UniversityAssociate's, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees. With more than a century of educational know-how at its fingertips, Saint Leo University's online degree programs utilize more than 90 undergraduate and graduate faculty members. Faculty is trained both in academia and real-world, practical setting, and is made up off "committed teachers, experienced practitioners, and distinguished scholars."

American Intercontinental UniversityAssociate's and Bachelor's Degrees. When developing its online model, American Intercontinental University took the idea of small in-person class sizes online. Online program courses range between 15 and 30 students each, with students receiving direct personal attention from instructors and advisors, as well as closer interaction with fellow students.

Purdue UniversityAssociate's, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees. Purdue University enjoys a good repuation as one of the leading universities in online education. Degrees from Purdue are available in a wide variety of fields, ranging from nursing to business to technology, and more.

Walden UniversityBachelor's, Master's, and PhD Degrees. Offering accredited online degree programs in criminal justice, science, business, health, nursing, and more, Walden University is an ideal candidate for any working professional looking to advance his/her career to the next level.

Grand Canyon UniversityBachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate Degrees. Grand Canyon University is a small, nondenominational Christian university located in Phoenix. GCU offers both online- and campus-based undergraduate degree programs in business, education, nursing, entrepreneurships, and liberal arts. GCU also boasts an NCAA Division II athletic programs.

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