50 College Admissions Experts Worth Following on Twitter

These days, getting into college is a matter of competition. Even getting into a good online undergraduate program can be tough in some cases. In order to learn how to get into the school of your choice, it can help to have guidance from an expert in the field of college admissions. If you look online, you will find plenty of sources of information related to getting into college.

If you want some tips from college admissions experts, you can visit their blogs or follow them on Twitter. Indeed, Twitter is a great source of information when it comes to learning more about the college admissions process. While you may have to pay for more individualized coaching, starting out with Twitter can be of benefit, especially since many of these experts can help you with scholarships. Here are 50 college admissions experts worth following on Twitter:

Individual College Admissions Experts

These are individuals who can help you with your college planning efforts. Learn how to get into college, and get great tips for filling out applications.

  1. @Jeannie Borin: Founder of College Connections keeps you updated on the latest college admissions news and tips.
  2. @jeannettewebb: This college consultant can help you develop what you need to get into college.
  3. @gotocollege: Twitter feed of the About.com guide to college admissions. Great information on getting into college.
  4. @PreppedPolished: Twitter feed of Alexis Avila, the founder of a college counseling and test prep company. Great information and insights.
  5. @CollegeCounsel: Judi Robinovitz counsels you about getting into college, especially as admissions relate to standardized test scores.
  6. @tutorsteve: This SAT tutor can help you get into college.
  7. @MichaelCCR: Practical college counseling advice, as well as useful links to college admissions news.
  8. @myUsearch: Elizabeth Kraus is the co-owner of myUsearch, and helps students find — and get into — colleges that work for them.
  9. @CollegeBlogs: Journalist Lynn O’Shaughnessy offers helpful information on getting into college.
  10. @juliavtaylor: This high school counselor shares helpful information about getting into college.
  11. @Knewton_Nina: Tweets about customized test prep and other issues at the intersection of technology and education.
  12. @JamieDickenson: These tweets are protected, but if you can get in, you might be in luck.
  13. @feliciagopaul: Follow the tweets of this education specialist and founder of College Funding Resource.
  14. @TheUofMe: Mike Deutsch offers insights, tips and hints on college admissions.
  15. @RWolosoff: College search expert that helps students get into school, and provides admissions counseling.
  16. @GenYCoach: Helpful counseling tweets about getting into college and finding academic success.
  17. @Collegenavigate: Educational consultant Julie Manhan helps students get into college.
  18. @College_Connect: Lynette Mathews provides individual counseling and information about college admissions help. A great way to learn more about college.
  19. @collegeadvisors: Independent college consultant helping students get into college, and go through application process.
  20. @CollgeJumpStart: Susy Brown provides insights into finding the right college for you, and then getting into it.
  21. @CollegeBasics: Tips on the college application process. Also includes information on getting financial aid from Jan Rideout.

College Admissions Companies and Organizations

Find out what it takes to get into college with help from these companies and organizations that focus on college admissions.

  1. @InsightEduc: This education consulting company offers insights into the process, and news on where to go to learn more.
  2. @EdgeCollegePrep: As you might imagine, this company is all about getting you into college.
  3. @mycollegeguide: Insights on standardized testing, getting into college, and more.
  4. @NACAC: Professional organization for education counselors and others who work in the student services industry.
  5. @ThePrincetonRev: Information on colleges, test preparation and admissions topics. Great resource for news.
  6. @NCSCA: This is the feed of the North Carolina School Counselor Association. Plenty of news about school, education and getting into college.
  7. @grockitcollege: Prepare for the SAT with help. Good scores mean better college admissions opportunities.
  8. @NYStudentFinAid: Information on getting financial aid as part of college admissions.
  9. @The_Ivy_Coach: Company that helps students get admitted to Ivy League schools. Provides hints and insights into getting into college.
  10. @IHEadmissions: Insights into college admissions from a higher education leader.
  11. @mycolleges: Helpful hints for college admissions aimed at those who want to go back to college.
  12. @College_Experts: The international organization for college counselors. Plenty of good news, tips and more.
  13. @TheCollegeGuide: A great way for students to get advice from each other about getting into college.
  14. @CWMuse: Helpful hints on staying on the college track. Great ideas for getting into college.
  15. @Kaplan_Kids: Tweets aimed at helping parents help their kids do what is needed to get into college.
  16. @LinkUpBlog: College admissions news, tips and links to help you and your student get ready for college.
  17. @getaccepted: Twitter feed about college admissions, along with the opportunity to ask experts about what is happening in the world of college applications.

College Admissions Counselors and Experts at Schools

Get information straight from the source. These college admissions departments offer helpful insights for specific schools.

  1. @megs0124: This college admissions counselor provides helpful information and more from WCU in North Carolina.
  2. @sncadmissions: A great feed from St. Norbert College, providing general insights in getting ready for college.
  3. @UMBCadmissions: Josh, admissions counselor at UMBC offers great inside information on college admissions topics.
  4. @hutchinscc: College counseling topics and news from the Hutchinson School for girls.
  5. @Road2College: Former admissions counselor shares inside information on getting into college.
  6. @uofcpsac: The Twitter feed from the University of Chicago admissions office. Great insights if you are looking to get into this prestigious school.
  7. @BYUIADMISSIONS: Learn about deadlines, applications and get good tips from this Twitter feed.
  8. @ylsadmissions: Interested in Yale Law School? This is the Twitter feed for you. Application materials, deadlines and helpful hints.
  9. @UAHuntsville: Learn more about getting into college, and get specific information on the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
  10. @Go2UAA: The University of Alaska Anchorage offers deadlines, tips and insights that can help you get into college.
  11. @UTHAdmissions: If you are interested in getting into medical school — especially at the University of Texas at Houston — this can be a good Twitter feed to consider.
  12. @ucdavis: The official Twitter feed of the admissions office at the University of California in Davis. A great resource for undergraduates looking to get into college.
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