25 Essential Free iPhone Apps to “Kindle-ize” Your iPhone

KindleWhy buy a Kindle or even the iPad when you already own an iPhone or an iPod Touch? With the ability to download over a dozen free ebook readers into your iPhone or iPod Touch, you have the system beat. You even can download a free Kindle reader to “Kindle-ize” your phone (this effort to “kindle-ize” your iPhone is far too easy…). For college students, this means having books and other resources right at your finger tips. This saves time as well as increases convenience for studying on the go and having resources readily available.

The following list of twenty-five essential and free iPhone apps to “Kindle-ize” your iPhone (and iPod Touch) is filed in alphabetical order under three categories…one for ebook readers, another for other tools that can perfect your iPhone reading experiences, and the final category filled with sources for free books.

eBook Readers

  1. B&N eReader: Barnes & Noble bookstore makes a world of books as convenient as the iPhone in your hand with this app. While complaints have been made about the price of B&N ebooks, you can gain access to a few pages of free books at B&N, along with a download of their free reader.
  2. BookShelf: This is an easy-to-use electronic book reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Available through the AppStore, BookShelf — when paired with the ShelfServer application (available at the link) on your desktop — allows you to download books from your computer to your phone easily.
  3. BookShelfLT: The ebook reading features of BookShelf (above) in a free, ad-supported package. Users of BookShelf LT may cary up to 10 books at one time. Delete some files and download others as often as you like. Access thousands of free books — from the classics of literature to the newest Creative Commons licensed SciFi.
  4. EZ Reader: A simple app that allows you to read and delete books in your library. You also can change font size and color and the background is tunable.
  5. EZ Reader Plus: The Plus version of the EZ Reader includes all the books in the EZ reader library. This list is updated, and keyword searches are included.
  6. First Hebrew eReader with Ram Oren bestseller: The “Dafdef Reader” (browsing in Hebrew) includes precise layout engine that includes Hebrew language Hyphenation, justified columns with quality fonts.
  7. Iceberg BookShelf: Enjoy this reader that has an in-app bookstore with full access to the entire Iceberg Library. Use the bookshelf to store and organize all your Iceberg titles.
  8. iPDF: Save your ebooks and PDFs for offline reading with this app. This reader is billed as the “world’s slimmest ebook and PDF reader, exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch.”
  9. iReading: This is a completely free online eBook reader and library designed especially for iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.
  10. Kindle for iPhone: This free app allows Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners to read Kindle books using a simple, easy-to-use interface. Wirelessly transfer the books to your iPhone or iPod touch, and enjoy Amazon’s low prices to boot.
  11. Readdle: This app provides readers with 50mb to store ebook content in a variety of formats.
  12. Reader: This new ebook Reader app functions completely offline. Includes basic features such as instant live bookmarking and text-size manipulation as well as advanced features such as one-touch page scrolling, screen inversion for night time use and, if you preload your book, it will be fully available offline.
  13. Reader Lite: From an organized bookshelf interface to the crisp fonts scientifically proven to speed up your reading, this app provides you with an option to check out books from a free public library. You also can add your own books.
  14. Scrollbox: Read books on your mobile device regardless of network connectivity. You can upload your ebooks and have acces to them from any browser, although this app was designed primarily for the iPhone. Take a look at the library, too.
  15. Stanza: Use this free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch to download from a vast selection of over 100,000 books and periodicals to read on your phone. Font sizes and colors, portrait mode or landscape, justification, line spacing, and hyphenation are under your control. Purchased by Amazon in 2009, but remains a freestanding app.
  16. TextOnPhone: iPhone, iPod touch and Facebook users can view electronic books (ebooks), text files, and documents on the go using an iPhone-friendly interface when browsing TextOnPhone.com. The site is accessible for reading only from iPhone and iPod touch; it is accessible from any browser for uploading texts, books, poems, documents, and lyrics.
  17. Wirdy: Take your books and PDFs on the go, for reading and reference anytime, anywhere. You also can search a boundless library of books and PDFs from all over the world and from every possible subject matter.


  1. Books in my Phone: This site formats and packages books so you can read them on any java-enabled phone. Their book reader program is integrated with each downloadable book.
  2. Calibre: Use this free and open source ebook library management application to sync to just about any ebook reader. You even can download news from the Web and convert it into ebook form. Downloads for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  3. eBooksExplorerMAX: Most web pages can be transformed into text for easy viewing without the need to zoom. When a text file (ebook) is detected, a link is provided to read it using the built-in ebook reader.
  4. PDFGeni — Free PDF search Engine for iPhone: This app is not new, but it can prove useful to find PDF files across the Web.

Free eBooks

Note: Many free ebook sites contain books that may pertain to high school and/or early college classes. Take advantage of these free offers to lighten your student budget burdens.

  1. Free-eBooks: You can browse by author or category to find numerous free ebooks at this site.
  2. Internet Archive: Thousands upon thousands of books, including genres in fiction, nonfiction, research books and much, much more. You can read these online or download betas in Kindle (get the reader in the first category) or in PDF.
  3. ManyBooks: Get a slew of free ebooks from this site. Browse by title, author, genre or even by language.
  4. Project Gutenberg: This site contains over 30,000 free ebooks that you can read on your iPhone and iPod Touch.
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