25 Essential Android Apps for College Students

Now that you have an Android, how will you use it to ace those college courses? The following list of twenty-five essential Android apps for college students might provide you with a few clues. From study guides and study tools to a few socializing apps, you have a range of utilities to help you maneuver through classes and around campus. The best part? These apps are free.

The following list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically to show that we do not favor one app over another.

Study Guides and Tools

  1. 3banana: apture your thoughts, ideas and notes as well as photos and other information on the go, and your notes will always be with you and in sync. As a bonus scroll down this linked page to take a look at AK Notepad. AK Notepad makes it easy to jot down a thought on your Android phone, and offers a reminder feature that can be set with any note. Both apps offered by Snaptic.
  2. Android SMS Backup: Why lose all your notes, photos and more? Simply use this app to back your SMS card up to your Gmail. Easy as pi.
  3. Astrid: This is a to-do list and task tracking system that is simple and easy to use. You can get a free online backup with Remember the Milk.
  4. ColorDict Universal Dictionary: This app is a compatible universal dictionary for Android. Search words and idioms in many dictionaries at once, and you don’t need an Internet connection to search.
  5. Droid Scan: You’re at the library and you need to use the scanner…why wait in line when you have this app? This app turns your smart mobile device into a portable document scanner by using perspective correction to convert images captured with the built-in camera into high quality scans.
  6. Gdocs: This app allow you to connect to your Google Docs account for easy access on the Android or on any computer. You have multiple accounts support, PDF viewer, automatic document syncing and more with this app.
  7. GPA Calculator: Stay on top of your GPA for grants and scholarship applications with this Android App. You can calculate, monitor, and manage your Grade Point Average. New features may support Facebook and MySpace applications.
  8. Knowledge: This is a must-have app for any student. Ask whatever you want to this knowledge engine and store the results for later use. Topics include math, culture, sports, weather, physics, chemistry, weather, socioeconomic data, nutrition facts and much more.
  9. MyPocketProf: Be paper-free and organized with this app. It allows you to copy and synchronize notes as well as organize and share those notes. The program comes with live updates that alert you to when friends or classmates share new materials with you. You also have the option of an “Exam Learning Mode” with courses.
  10. Offiviewer: No need to worry about opening documents with this app. It opens PDF, Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt, pps, pptx), OpenDocument and RTF. It needs a good Internet connection to do server-based document rendering.
  11. ShareYourBoard: Go ahead and take whiteboard photos with your phone. This app will take the shote, improve readability and extract all the information you choose. You can save the processed whiteboard images and edit comment and share with your friends or keep it private.
  12. StudyDroid: This app is designed for use on the G1, and is an open source flashcard application. You create the flashcards online and then download them to your phone.
  13. Voice Recorder: Why take notes when you can record the lecture?Recordings are saved directly to the users MicroSD card which means you won’t bog down your systems internal memory, while still maintaining record times for hours on end if needed. You also can preset a time to record option and search for your recordings by title or by date and time.
  14. Wapedia: This app supplies the fastest way to access the million of articles at Wikipedia and many other wikis on your Android. It is ad-supported freeware, so be aware.

Specific Courses

  1. Elements: This app is a little periodic table with a more data per element than you probably need for chemistry and/or biology. This is the free version. The priced version, SciencePal ($1), includes more data.
  2. GeoQuiz: Bone up on your geography, from capital cities and flags to natural extremes like the highest of the high and the coldest of the cold.
  3. handyCalc: Use this calculator for basic input and calculation and for advanced math calculations. It is a powerful app – download it for free to see what we mean.
  4. Mathdroid: This app can turn your Android into a scientific calculator with full on-screen history and multi-line display. Perfect for algebraic entries.
  5. SkyScape Medical Resources: Medical students can snag three free resources for the Android here — RxDrugs, Outlines in Clinical Medicine ()CM) and the Archimedes set of medical calculators. The MedAlert service is also part of this installation, and you can easily add free MedStream channels (such as MedWatch and CDC Spotlights).
  6. StatDist: This app calculates densities, probabilities, and quantiles of common useful continuous and discrete distributions. Useful for statistics students and for quick calculations.
  7. TOADCARD: This is a quick IT reference guide, developed by Monroe College information tech students for IT students. Also includes searchable reference manuals for Windows, Mac, Linux and Cisco IOS commands.


  1. AppShare: Share your favorite apps (such as the ones listed here) with classmates, new friends or even with professors for brownie points. Just select the applications you want to share, select the recipient and click send.
  2. College Football Live: Plusmo’s College Football Live provides complete coverage of all college football games right on your Android phone. you can access live play-by-play updates, the latest polls and stunning game-time photos, this is a must-have for all college football fans.
  3. Loopt: New on campus? Use this app to connect to friends and new classmates to see where they are and what they’re doing. This app contains a map, list and a share option. You must have a Loopt account to use the app.
  4. Route Recorder: Getting lost can be fun when you have time to kill, but college offers little time for killing. Use this app to record multiple journeys, photos and more so you can find that great (cheap) restaurant again or that hole-in-the wall used bookstore.
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