Top 50 Blogs to Help You Apply for College

You probably know that some sort of education beyond high school is necessary in today’s world. However, getting into college has become more challenging than ever. You face more competition, and there are increasing numbers of people who find that financial aid is limited. In the end, you need to be a little more attractive to a school than the next potential student. Here are 50 blogs that can help you apply for college:

Blog Posts on Choosing the Right School

Before you apply, you need to decide which school is right for you. There are a number of great blog posts that focus on helping you determine which school is best for your. You should narrow your focus to one or two of your first choices, and apply to another two or three — just in case. These posts can help you determine which schools to apply to.

  1. myUsearch: This blog has a number of helpful posts. It is primarily focused on helping you figure out where you fit. A college match quiz is a fun way to target your search.
  2. American Issues Project: Thomas Sowell goes through a number of items that might come up as college students decide where they fit best.
  3. Top Colleges Blog: A post on “Choosing the Right College” has a helpful bullet list of things to look for.
  4. NCSA College Athetic Scholarships Blog: This blog focuses on college athletics — and there is a great post on finding the right fit aimed at college athletes.
  5. Family Education: There is a great post on using self-evaluation to help you choose the right college for you.
  6. Hipp0Campus Blog: Another solid post on the process of choosing which college to attend.
  7. A cool 10 step guide on choosing the right college for you.
  8. Quint Careers blog: Provides helpful insight into how to choose a college that will benefit your career for years to come.

College Admissions Blogs

Here are some helpful blogs that can provide you with insights and hints into the college admissions process, and how to get in.

  1. Allen’s College Admissions Blog: This is the blog on getting into college. A great deal of helpful information on the admissions process.
  2. Not Your Average Admissions Blog: This blog offers a look “beneath the surface” at the college admissions process. This blog is written by the dean of admissions at George Mason University.
  3. The Ivy Coach: This is a blog aimed at helping people interested in getting accepted to Ivy League schools.
  4. Accepted Admissions Almanac: Looks at how to get accepted into different programs, and helps you figure out the best way to approach getting into college.
  5. College Admissions Blog: This blog from Admissions Consultants can help you figure out what to do to get into the college of your choice.
  6. College Admissions Help Blog: Offers useful hints and information on how to ace your college admissions.
  7. Omniac Education: This blog provides a number of helpful hints on getting into college. It should: it’s written by an education consulting firm.
  8. College Admissions Counseling: This blog provides helpful hints on applying to different programs.
  9. The Campus Commons: This blog is aimed more at helping international students get into college. Helpful hints on taking the TOEFL, making sure paperwork is in order and other useful topics.

Test Preparation Blogs

Before you get into college, there are a number of tests you need to take. These blogs can help you with your test preparation, so that you make a solid showing.

  1. Test Prep: This is the blog on test prep, and it contains test tips, as well as information on the ACT and SAT.
  2. ePrep: Test taking ideas and tricks, as well as information on the SAT, ACT and PSAT. Also includes a section on vocabulary.
  3. Top Test Prep: Provides hints on test preparation, as well as information on boot camps and mock exams around the country.
  4. This blog offers information mainly on the SAT and the ACT, as well as comparisons of the two, and how to understand the scoring.
  5. PrepMe Blog: This blog focuses on test preparation.
  6. Boston Test Prep SAT Tips: Blog aimed mainly at helping you improve your SAT test-taking.
  7. TotalGadha GMAT: Preparation for taking the GMAT and increasing your chances of MBA admission.
  8. LSAT Blog: This blog, based in NYC, has a number of helpful hints to help you “ace the LSAT.”
  9. GRE Test: This blog aims to help you do well on the GRE test to help you get into grad school.

Financial Aid and Scholarships Blogs

You will probably need help defraying the cost of college. These blogs and blog posts can help you find financial aid and scholarships.

  1. Paying for College: This blog is mainly aimed at Virginia students, but it contains useful information for anyone who is college-bound.
  2. The Student LoanDown: This blog from Wells Fargo helps you understand student loans, as well as offering information on managing debt while in college.
  3. Financial Aid Blog: This blog is offered by NAIS and provides information on all types of financial aid.
  4. blog: has a blog with helpful information on obtaining scholarships and grants.
  5. Financial Aid News: Learn about the latest happenings in financial aid. But be warned: It’s biased toward the student loan industry.
  6. The Financial Aid Blog: This blog is done by and offers helpful information on student loans, grants and scholarships.
  7. International Financial Aid Blog: This blog is aimed at international students who need a little help with paying their college costs.
  8. Go Financial Aid Blog: A blog about all types of financial aid to help cover college costs.

Graduate School Blogs

Done with your undergraduate work and looking to get into grad school? Here are some helpful blogs to help you get into grad school.

  1. Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru: This blog is chock full of good information on applying for grad school.
  2. The Graduate School Blog: This blog is mostly about the grad school at the College of Charleston, but it includes plenty of good info on getting into any grad school in the country.
  3. Graduate School: has a great blog on graduate school, and how to get in.
  4. So you want to go to grad school?: This LiveJournal blog offers answers to common questions about grad school, and getting into grad school.
  5. Graduate School Application: This blog helps you figure out what grad school is all about, and how you can get in — if you decide it’s right for you.
  6. Milano Grad School Blog: A blog about life at Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy, but applicable just about anywhere.
  7. The GradCafe Blog: Insight into life as a grad student, and applying to grad school.

College Life Blogs

Learn what college life is really like before you go. Also, prepare for what awaits you, and learn a few more interesting tricks to help you get into school.

  1. CampusGrotto blog: This blog focuses on how you can get into college, and the make the most of your college years.
  2. College Life: This is’s tak on college life, and how to adjust after you get in.
  3. Zen College Life: Helpful hints on getting into college, and preparing you for success once you’re there.
  4. Surviving College Life: A look at what you should do once you get into college.
  5. College Being: Get into college, and learn how to continue success while there.
  6. College Students: Information on getting into college, living large while at college, and coping during the summer break.
  7. The College Puzzle: Even though it’s written by a Stanford professor, this blog contains good information to help any student or aspiring college student.
  8. The College Solution Blog: Learn about how to get into college, how to be successful in college, and what to do when you’re done.
  9. Playing Your A Game: This is a blog designed to help students of all ages find success in college.
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