Top 50 Blogs By Undergrad Students

How difficult is it to blog and attend school as an undergraduate? It seems that most student blogs are not current, or they have long spaces of inactivity as these students attend to life as they know it. But, we managed to pull together fifty blogs by undergraduate students and categorize them by philosophers, traveling students, entrepreneurs, college admission bloggers and independent student newspaper bloggers.

The links are listed in alphabetical order within each category to show readers that we do not favor one blog or blogs over others.

Philosophers (serious and cynical)

  1. A Student of English: An English undergrad who is about to embark on a grad degree. This blog is a ‘testing ground’ for literary, philosophical and cultural efforts both serious and sophomoric.
  2. Assorted Daydreams from the A.D.D. Generation: Kini is a student, a recluse and a willing writer who focuses on college life and life in her New York abode.
  3. Do I Smell Coffee? This UCSD student loves Kate Spade handbags, she’s majoring in communication and international relations, and her writing is impeccable. This is her first year in college, and her insight is broader than her professed love for television and coffee.
  4. Experimental Error: This blogger is an undergraduate student minoring in physics. Although physics is a focus, he brings his thoughts on the philosophy behind the science as well.
  5. Mike English dot Net: Mike is an undergraduate theology student with diverse interests including music, writing, programming and philosophy.
  6. Florida Student Philosophy Blog: This blog’s contributors consist of undergrads as well as grad students and alumni from philosophy departments throughout the state of Florida. One gift from this blog is its long list of links to other philosophy sites.
  7. Not Another Nursing Student Blog… This mental health nursing student is cynical, antisocial and sarcastic. She’s well on her way of becoming another Nurse Ratched if she can continue to hone her skills.
  8. The Music Plays You: This blog belongs to a serious older student who has changed majors. And, he likes to mess with cheaters. And, he seems to be something of a geek.
  9. Weblog of a Christian Philosophy Student: Will is a student in Melbourne, Australia, and his blog focuses on Christian aspects.

Travel Abroad

  1. Because Time Has No Roll Back: Daniel was born and raised in Sundanese land. Now he’s in Jakarta to continue his studies.
  2. Chris Allen’s Epic Blog: This blogger is eighteen-years-old, a Web designer, all around computer geek and – now – a student nurse in the U.K. One of the first projects in his nursing career is to blog about his student experiences.
  3. Ding’s Blog: Travel to Malaysia with Ding as he attends college and watches television and movies in dorm rooms. He also eats.
  4. Ineffableness: Denice, Also known as “Chiz,” is a Christian Chinese-Filipino blogger who is an undergraduate student at Ateneo. She currently focuses on Ninotchka Rosca’s book, The State of War.
  5. Inside and Out: Yurieca blogs about her college life and lifestyle in Indonesia as she studies life science and technology.
  6. Island Med Student: Kendra is a fourth-year medical student who studied on the island of Dominica, but who now is located in Brooklyn, New York. while this blog chronicles Kendra’s experiences, she also shares images of her island adventures and of Brooklyn.
  7. Let’s Talk Turkey: This student was in Turkey, but now is headed to Istanbul. The blog entries are entertaining and personal and you have a chance to view some great photos, too.
  8. Rach’s Inferno: This U.K. student is an atheist who loves show tunes, books with happy endings and The Twilight Saga.
  9. The Tracey Times: Tracey is a student in Dublin, Ireland, and she uses her blog as an active diary that chronicles her thoughts, life and college experiences.
  10. The Traveling College Student: Twelve American students living together in 1 house for 3 months…in Iceland. Jump on for the ride.
  11. Vince’s Blog: Vince is a college student studying about security technology in the computing field in Malacca (or, Melaka) in Malaysia.


  1. Charade: Megan is a creative writing student, a budding “budgeter” and general life enthusiast who began a blog that showed other female students how to be fashionable on a budget.
  2. Chris Johnson: This blogger, designer, developer and entrepreneur also is an undergraduate college student in Rochester, New York.
  3. Freeculture: This organization was founded by two Swarthmore students after they sued voting-machine manufacturer Diebold for abusing copyright law in 2003. Now, students from across the country are involved in this organization and its blog.
  4. Hack College: Yes, this undergraduate student-generated blog is about life as a college student, how to work your computer like a pro and how to get the most from open source software. But, it’s also about entrepreneurship and expansion, as this blog grows from its original site in the U.S. into the UK.
  5. HermanTheBold: Patrick is a full-time engineering student in Australia who is studying software development and gaming.
  6. Let Me Know: This blog, with a majority of undergraduate students on its team, focuses on helping students across India find opportunities of various kinds – internships, workshops, seminars, conferences, tech-fests, literary events and much more.
  7. Patchworks: Led by a group of passionate undergraduates, Patchworks has launched a series of social entrepreneurship ventures which target to amend social perceptions of the society and to encourage social cohesiveness. This project is under the umbrella of the Nanyang Technological University.
  8. Tech Talk: This site, which is filled with great Internet tips and tricks, was created by Harsh Jha, an undergraduate student at BTech-IT at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India.
  9. The Student Blogger: Not only is this site for college students, it was created by a college student – an eighteen-year-old student who is worried about paying off his student loans while in college…
  10. Undergrad Entrepreneur: Peter Kao is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, studying systems design engineering. A glance at his blog reveals his aspirations as an entrepreneur.

College Admission Student Blogs

NOTE: Dozens of colleges embrace student blogs and see them as a powerful marketing tool for high school students. Some efforts appear to be pure marketing drivel, while others are worth reading to learn more about college life. According to a 2007 article at, MIT prefers to hire students who already have their own blogs. Cornell pays $50 a month, while Johns Hopkins and Olin College enlist volunteers.

  1. Amherst Blogs: Several Amherst, Massachusetts students provide their college experience insights on this blog page located in the admissions section.
  2. Boston College Blogs: These blogs are divided by school and, currently, consist of five blogs updated by undergraduates.
  3. Cornell University Blogs: These undergraduate bloggers publish uncut and uncensored blog entries.
  4. Johns Hopkins Blogs: These bloggers bloggers document their day-to-day lives
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