Top 14 Social Media Sites for College Students

Do you feel alone with your psych studies? Or, perhaps you’d like to join a social networking group that focuses on students, but that doesn’t focus on students from your school. The number of college networking sites is growing, from college-based online social networks that focus on various schools on campus to sites set up by other college students to meet other students from around the world.

The following list of twenty-five social media sites for college students is categorized from study helps to sites where you can socialize while you rate and compare your experiences. Each link within those categories is listed in alphabetical order to show that we do not favor one site over another. And, while some sites charge for their services, you might look at these sites as ones that you may use throughout college and into your career.

Study Helps

  1. Many college groups use this site to collaborate, share information and to socialize. You can incorporate Zoho for editing, Facebook for sharing files with friends and picnik to edit photos plus many more services. This is not a free social networking site, but it may be worth sharing the bill to gain independence.
  2. Campusbug: Submit questions for answers, form study groups, organize, research format bibliographies, chat, create flashcards or just waste away the day with games. It’s up to you how you use this site for your college activities.
  3. Carmun: Work with others in study groups or work by yourself to build that bibliography for your thesis or paper. This site allows users to save online sources and URLs, insert footnotes, format a bibliography, generate that bibliography and works with over 200 college and university libraries to make your searches easy.
  4. Cramster: This community and networking site is all about homework help for math, science, engineering and business classes for both high school and college students. Educators, parents and subject enthusiasts work with students toward the common goal of helping students excel in classes.
  5. Evernote: You’ll love the simplicity of this site, where you can snag notes, images, information and tag it all for easy reference. Or you can just capture information through your phone or by email, and Evernote will automatically process, index, and make all that information searchable for you. This system recognizes handwriting, which may provide you with a clue as to its value. Plus, you can share, collaborate or keep your information private, depending upon how you want to use this site.
  6. GradeFund: Do you like being rewarded for your GPA? Sign up at this social networking site and then invite family, friends and organizations to learn more about you and your achievements. The higher your grades, the more money you may earn for that effort.
  7. LibraryThing: Catalog your books from over 690 world libraries, get free early reviewer books, and join for free or for a $25 per lifetime membership. This site is both a valuable resource for study materials as well as an addiction that can last a lifetime.
  8. Wikispaces: Use this site to build a wiki for your study group. You can try it free before you spend anything on the collaborative effort, but for the price of a cup of coffee per month you can be guaranteed some privacy.

Major Focuses

  1. AlleyDog: This is a new but growing social media site for psychology students from around the world. Get in on the ground floor to build a network that you can use after you graduate.
  2. College Art Student: Join this network to show your work, to offer and get critiques and to join a group focused on the various niches in the art field.
  3. Connotea: This is a free online reference management tool and community for researchers, clinicians and scientists to organize, share and gather information. In the process, you can build a ‘library’ that you can share in full or in part with others.
  4. Footnote: Use this community site to find and share historic documents for your studies. It’s a great site for history buffs, researchers, military historians and students who need primary documents for history classes and more. You can use the site for free to gain limited access to documents, pay a monthly fee or go for the full year price to use the entire community site.
  5. Green College Network: This is a shared platform for students, teachers, college groups and corporates that all share a desire for a greener future. This community might appeal to environmentalists as well as to students who want to connect to a student-driven community for the environment off campus.
  6. Social Media Law Student: One goal driving this site is to connect lawyers to new technologies in hopes of making the practice of law easier
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