25 Things Every Student Needs to Know Before Starting College

The transition into college from high school, from another college, or from work — if you’re an adult student — can be stressful. For younger students, the stress and excitement often comes from leaving home for the first time. For older students, the stress is more financial, as you doubt whether or not you can afford to expand your college experience. You may not know which college is best for you, or if you need to attend a college campus or take on an online degree. In all cases, you can take certain steps to ease that leap into the classroom. You can make that step easier to take if you are prepared to learn more about yourself, about what you want from your college experience, and about your resources.

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20 Highest-Paying Jobs With an Undergraduate Degree

You’ve probably heard that the key to a better paying career is to attend college and get a degree. However, the truth is that, in some professions, you need more than an undergraduate degree to succeed. Indeed, some degrees aren’t worth the amount of student loans that you have to take out in order to complete them. In some cases, you have to go on to get a graduate degree or professional degree to make it worth your while. And, for some professions, even having a Ph.D. won’t lead to a high paying career!

Other undergraduate degrees, though, are another story. In some cases, you can start out with a high salary — and see superior earnings for the rest of your working life. Get an undergraduate scholarship, and your return on investment is even better, since you won’t need to repay as much in loans. If you want to really take off with a great career, you might want to consider earning an undergraduate degree that will qualify you for one of  20 of the highest paying jobs you can do with an undergraduate degree.

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50 Amazing Online Study Resources for College Freshmen

Studying for an undergraduate degree can be one of the most painstaking yet rewarding experiences of your life. While the decision on what to study and where can be immensely difficult to answer, there are easy answers to some of college’s toughest questions.

Because studying for a degree shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds, we have collected 50 amazing online study resources for college freshmen. They can help you tackle everything from entrance exams to complex mathematical questions. You may question what you study as a freshman, but with their help, how to study is easier than ever. Continue reading

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50 College Admissions Experts Worth Following on Twitter

These days, getting into college is a matter of competition. Even getting into a good online undergraduate program can be tough in some cases. In order to learn how to get into the school of your choice, it can help to have guidance from an expert in the field of college admissions. If you look online, you will find plenty of sources of information related to getting into college.

If you want some tips from college admissions experts, you can visit their blogs or follow them on Twitter. Indeed, Twitter is a great source of information when it comes to learning more about the college admissions process. While you may have to pay for more individualized coaching, starting out with Twitter can be of benefit, especially since many of these experts can help you with scholarships. Here are 50 college admissions experts worth following on Twitter:

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Top 40 Sources for Open Courseware VIDEOS

If you’re studying for an undergraduate degree, nothing can enhance your learning more than free or open courseware videos — especially when they’re offered by colleges and universities. You can find lectures in all subjects in this list of the top 40 sources for open courseware video collections. You also can find documentaries and videos about events that you can cite and use for college papers and theses. In all cases, you can easily view these collections and video sites online anywhere, as long as you have a good Internet connection. Continue reading

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25 Essential Free iPhone Apps to “Kindle-ize” Your iPhone

KindleWhy buy a Kindle or even the iPad when you already own an iPhone or an iPod Touch? With the ability to download over a dozen free ebook readers into your iPhone or iPod Touch, you have the system beat. You even can download a free Kindle reader to “Kindle-ize” your phone (this effort to “kindle-ize” your iPhone is far too easy…). For college students, this means having books and other resources right at your finger tips. This saves time as well as increases convenience for studying on the go and having resources readily available.

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25 Essential Android Apps for College Students

Now that you have an Android, how will you use it to ace those college courses? The following list of twenty-five essential Android apps for college students might provide you with a few clues. From study guides and study tools to a few socializing apps, you have a range of utilities to help you maneuver through classes and around campus. The best part? These apps are free.

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Top 14 Social Media Sites for College Students

Do you feel alone with your psych studies? Or, perhaps you’d like to join a social networking group that focuses on students, but that doesn’t focus on students from your school. The number of college networking sites is growing, from college-based online social networks that focus on various schools on campus to sites set up by other college students to meet other students from around the world.

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Top 50 Blogs By Undergrad Students

How difficult is it to blog and attend school as an undergraduate? It seems that most student blogs are not current, or they have long spaces of inactivity as these students attend to life as they know it. But, we managed to pull together fifty blogs by undergraduate students and categorize them by philosophers, traveling students, entrepreneurs, college admission bloggers and independent student newspaper bloggers.

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Top 50 Blogs to Help You Apply for College

You probably know that some sort of education beyond high school is necessary in today’s world. However, getting into college has become more challenging than ever. You face more competition, and there are increasing numbers of people who find that financial aid is limited. In the end, you need to be a little more attractive to a school than the next potential student. Here are 50 blogs that can help you apply for college: Continue reading

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