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25 Things Every Student Needs to Know Before Starting College

The transition into college from high school, from another college, or from work — if you’re an adult student — can be stressful. For younger students, the stress and excitement often comes from leaving home for the first time. For … Continue reading

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Top 40 Sources for Open Courseware VIDEOS

If you’re studying for an undergraduate degree, nothing can enhance your learning more than free or open courseware videos — especially when they’re offered by colleges and universities. You can find lectures in all subjects in this list of the … Continue reading

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25 Essential Free iPhone Apps to “Kindle-ize” Your iPhone

Why buy a Kindle or even the iPad when you already own an iPhone or an iPod Touch? With the ability to download over a dozen free ebook readers into your iPhone or iPod Touch, you have the system beat. … Continue reading

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25 Essential Android Apps for College Students

Now that you have an Android, how will you use it to ace those college courses? The following list of twenty-five essential Android apps for college students might provide you with a few clues. From study guides and study tools … Continue reading

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Top 14 Social Media Sites for College Students

Do you feel alone with your psych studies? Or, perhaps you’d like to join a social networking group that focuses on students, but that doesn’t focus on students from your school. The number of college networking sites is growing, from … Continue reading

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Top 50 Blogs By Undergrad Students

How difficult is it to blog and attend school as an undergraduate? It seems that most student blogs are not current, or they have long spaces of inactivity as these students attend to life as they know it. But, we … Continue reading

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